October 16, 2023

SOFTSWISS Releases Report on Shared Characteristics Among Casino Players

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SOFTSWISS, a leading supplier of iGaming technology, has released a report on behavioral patterns for online casino players. This announcement is backed by the company’s Casino Platform data analysis after thoroughly scrutinizing players from Asia, Europe, and Latin America. The research was carried out between September 2022 and August 2023. 

SOFTSWISS Releases Report on Shared Characteristics Among Casino Players

Starting with Europe, the region usually leads regarding revenue creation and financial success in the iGaming market. Data from the SOFTSWISS Casino Platform shows that Europe has an astounding eight times more active players than Latin America and an incredible 18 times more players than Asia. Additionally, 68.3% of European players prefer using their mobile phones to play, with the average bet size nearly tripling that of Latin America but falling short of the Asian average.

The research adds that men make up 47% of all gamers in Europe, with the region having the highest percentage of female players (18.11%), followed closely by Latin America. According to SOFTSWISS specialists, this is due to increased female participation in the European economy, thanks to higher educational attainment and personal income. 

Darya Avtukhovich, Head of SOFTSWISS Casino Platform, said: 

“One of the important aspects for the European market is payment systems. Due to diverse player locations, operators need multiple payment options, which becomes even more complex in regulated markets. SOFTSWISS is actively addressing this by obtaining licenses and certifications. We also integrate payment systems into the Casino Platform, ensuring flexibility for operators entering specific markets.”

In LatAm, 69.2% of players use mobile casino apps to play, slightly more than the corresponding percentage in Europe. Most online casino players in the region are male, and only 17.4% of users are female. The largest player demographics are those between the ages of 31 and 40, which account for 20.8% of the total. 

Lastly, 71.6% of players in Asia favor playing casino games on mobile phones, taking the top spot of all the regions sampled. Additionally, only 6.2% of players in Asia are women, a substantially smaller proportion compared to Europe and LatAm. Players aged 31 to 40 gamble the most in Asia, with online slots accounting for more than 80% of all games in the region.

Before releasing the report, the software provider recently published a report regarding the popularity of slots worldwide. In September, the company announced that 85% of all wagers made on crypto casinos use the company’s In-Game Currency Conversion Feature.

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