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RDR2 Poker: How to Play and Win

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In 2018, Rockstar Games decided to pay another classic homage to the Wild West culture via Red Dead Redemption 2. Like its predecessor, 2010s Red Dead Redemption, this game teleports players back to 1899 and follows the escapades of an outlaw, Arthur Morgan. Arthur tries to survive government forces and rival gangs in this first and third-person game.

RDR2 Poker: How to Play and Win

But it’s not all about action gun shootout here. This game houses its own RDR2 poker to up the stakes even further. Playing poker in RDR2 presents players with an excellent way to earn quick bucks as they enjoy the fun-filled show.

But that’s if you know how to play poker in RDR2. Read on to learn!

Where to Play RDR2 Poker?

Before learning how to play the inbuilt poker game, know the table game locations. As expected, the sites are many across the map. For example, you can unlock Chapter 2 of the game and complete the “Who is Not Without Sin” mission. In return, you’ll play poker in one of the five locations at Flatneck Station. The drunk preacher, Reverend Swanson, will also be on the table.

Players can also play poker in RDR2 against fellow Van der Linde gang members at the Main Camp. Other places to play include Valentine, Blackwater, Tumbleweed, and Saint Denis. Note that locations like Flatneck Station and Valentine have lower buy-ins, hence perfect for beginners. On the other hand, play at Saint Denis or Blackwater if you’re confident about your poker skills.

RDR2 Poker: How to Play and Win

Valentine at night

Red Dead Redemption 2 Poker Rules

If you’ve played poker at an online casino before, you wouldn’t have any troubles settling at the RD2R table. That’s because the game applies similar rules to the commonplace Texas Hold’em. In other words, players use the two cards dealt to them to create a winning hand. 

That said, the game round starts after the table cards at the center are flipped. Then, players can fold and quit the round or wager some chips depending on what they have. Gamers can also check and pass the bet to the next player or raise if there is a bet in the current round. Your main goal is to run down your opponents’ bankroll by creating the highest hand.

The poker hand ranking in this mini-game goes like this:

  • Royal flush – Creating a hand with 10-J-Q-K-A of the same suit.
  • Straight flush – Having five suited cards of the same sequence, e.g., 5-6-7-8-9.
  • Four of a kind – Four similar-value cards like 9-9-9-J.
  • Full house – Three similar-value cards and two same-value cards, e.g., 8-8-8-7-7.
  • Flush – Five cards of same suit.
  • Straight – Five sequential cards but of varying suits.
  • Three of a kind – Three similar-value cards and two different value cards like 5-5-5-3-2.
  • Two pair – Two cards of the same rank and two similar-value cards of different ranks, e.g., 4-4-5-5-3.
  • One pair – Two similar-value cards with three different-value cards, e.g., 9-9-2-3-4.

After reaching the final betting round, a showdown happens where each player reveals their cards. The best five-card combination is taken from your hole card and community cards, with the higher hand-ranking carrying the day.

Pro tip: When waiting for your action, use the convenient “Auto-Bet” feature to preset your next action. You can even cancel the selected action before your turn to bet. 

RDR2 Poker: How to Play and Win

Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Poker

How to win an RDR2 Poker Hand

First, no strategy can guarantee a win in any gambling match. Simply put, poker is largely luck-based despite a few tips and tricks to increase your winning odds. It even gets worse with digital opponents who you can’t effectively read their emotions.  

But it’s not all bad news. When playing poker, bluffing when you have a weak hand is a working strategy. However, this strategy can backfire badly when playing against seasoned pros. Also, play big if you have a strong hand and everyone checks. This can convince other players to fold. Another thing, choose another table if you’re having a bad day on the current one.

Remember that RDR2 poker has an online multiplayer mode. This gives you the perfect opportunity to bluff yourself to victory. Even better, you can create a private table and play with your close buddies. To do that, enter a bar with a poker table and hold the square/X button. Now proceed to invite your friends and enjoy the game together.

Ready to Play?

Playing poker in RDR2 is fun. It gives you a much-needed breather from the wanton destruction and murder in the game. Also, you can win a few coins to boost your cowboy business if you’re lucky.

But it’s not a free-for-all affair. Each game has a small buy-in of 1$ to $5. As said before, the amount depends on the location and complexity of the game level. But the more you pay, the higher the reward. So, go ahead and win a hand. Just don’t shoot an opponent when you lose!

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