March 28, 2024

Paradise Entertainment Ltd: A Stellar Comeback in 2023 with US$7.8 Million Profit

Leticia "Letty" Santos
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Key Takeaways:

Paradise Entertainment Ltd: A Stellar Comeback in 2023 with US$7.8 Million Profit
  • Paradise Entertainment Ltd turned a profit of US$7.8 million in 2023, overcoming a US$21.3 million loss in 2022.
  • Significant revenue increase attributed to the Casino Kam Pek, with gross gaming revenue hitting US$81.1 million.
  • The company eyes international expansion, particularly in the Philippines, leveraging its successful Live Multi-Game product line.

In 2023, Paradise Entertainment Ltd, a frontrunner in Macau's gaming and entertainment sector, made headlines by flipping its financial script from a substantial loss to a commendable profit. After a challenging 2022, which saw the company incurring a loss of US$21.3 million, Paradise Entertainment bounced back, clocking in a profit of US$7.8 million for the year 2023. This turnaround is notably attributed to a resurgence of gaming aficionados at Casino Kam Pek, as per insights from Inside Asian Gaming (IAG).

US$81.1 Million in GGR in 2023:

The post-pandemic era ushered in a flood of patrons to the casino, culminating in a gross gaming revenue (GGR) of US$81.1 million across the Paradise Entertainment group. This figure marks a staggering 113% surge in the group's overall revenues. Casino Kam Pek, operating under the SJM Resorts S.A. concession with Paradise Entertainment at the helm of casino management services, emerged as a significant contributor. It added US$72.2 million to the group's revenues, accounting for about 89% of the total revenue in 2023.

The casino's diverse offerings, including traditional gaming tables, Live Multi-Game tables, terminals, and slot machines, played a pivotal role in this revenue upswing. Notably, the sale of 260 Live Multi-Game terminals in 2023, a significant leap from zero sales in 2022, propelled the electronic gaming equipment and systems segment revenue to US$6.9 million, a more than tenfold increase from the previous year.

This revenue uptick positively impacted the group's overall Adjusted EBITDA, which reached US$20.8 million, effectively offsetting the Adjusted EBITDA loss of US$4.9 million witnessed in 2022.

Using Momentum to Expand Abroad:

Paradise Entertainment is not resting on its laurels. With an eye on the future, the company is actively seeking international expansion opportunities, especially for its profitable Live Multi-Game product line. The Philippine market, known as Asia's largest electronic machine market, is identified as a prime target due to its "good potential" and "better flexibility" in offering a variety of gaming types and numerous casinos.

Paradise Entertainment's strategy hinges on the international appeal and adaptability of its electronic gaming equipment and systems. The company believes that the products developed for the Philippine market can easily be introduced to other gaming markets worldwide with minimal modifications.

"The Group is ready to go into [the Philippines and other Southeast Asian] markets to expand its businesses in these ... markets, while it will continue to explore business opportunities in the North American gaming markets," Paradise Entertainment stated, as reported by IAG.

With such a robust recovery in 2023 and ambitious plans for international expansion, Paradise Entertainment Ltd is set on a path of sustained growth and innovation, making it a company to watch in the global gaming and entertainment landscape.

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