October 8, 2020

Roulette: The Historical Background, Type of Roulette and Bet Types

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The history of roulette history has numerous twists and variants as the game has progressed gradually from the old method to what we have in today's online casino. Though Roulette does not have a particular historical beginning, it is, however, generally accepted to have been invented in the 17th century. Till date, roulette still ranks top of the charts as one of the world's most famous casino games even in the online sphere. In the 17th century, a popular French mathematician named Blaise Pascal invented the traditional phenomenon called roulette but in the most bizarre way. Blaise Pascal was regarded as an authority with his studies, a famous figure in the field of science and mathematics. One of his great works was the creation of probability in mathematics. It was in the process of doing this that the game roulette came to live, albeit, coincidentally. It is during one of his ongoing search for the creation of a motion machine for another reason, Roulette was accidentally produced. Since then it has been regarded as a by-product of a separate study.

Roulette: The Historical Background, Type of Roulette and Bet Types

How Roulette Got Into Europe

Roulette found it a bit hard to be accepted in Europe even when it was founded in France because, at the time, all manner of gambling was banned in Europe hence it was considered illegal. However, in 1842, Roulette was beginning to creep into mainstream Europe. It took the extra efforts of two French descent Francois and Louis Blanc to push the game beyond the boundaries of France. They took the game first to Hamburg in Germany where the locals openly accepted them and they were protected. That gradually led to the widespread of roulette in Europe.

Type of Roulette Games

American Roulette:

In the American Roulette, the roulette wheels typically come with double-zero while another number on the wheels is offered from 1 to 38. The double- zero is represented as 0 and 00. It is generally believed that the American Roulette always reduced the number of winning chances with the house edge claiming money amount to 5.26% of every stake.

European Roulette:

This one is popularly played because it offers a higher winning chance with house edge claiming as low as 2.70%. Typically, the French Roulette also follows in the concept except for some very little differences. This roulette type has a single-zero and the number on the wheel is from 1 to 37 hence increasing the chances of winning.

Type of Bets in Roulette:

Inside Bets Outside Bets

1. Inside Bets:

These are bet usually placed across the number lines. They give massive payout when won but the risk is also very high.

Street Bet

The wager in this bet is placed at the end of a row with 3 numbers displaying in the row, the payout is 11 to 1.

Straight Up Bet

This kind of wager is placed on one particular number, the winning payout is 35 to 1.

Five Bet

Only available on American Roulette tables, this bet involves 5 numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3, this wager is usually placed next to 0 and 1. The winning payout is usually 6 to 1.

Split Bet

This is pretty much like a double straight-up bet, the wager is usually placed on 2 adjacent numbers, the payout is 17 to 1.

Corner Bet

This kind of wager is placed on the corner where 4 numbers are available. This is just like the street bet but the payout is 8 to 1.

Line Bet

This kind of wager is placed at the end of the 2 rows containing 3 numbers each, a winning payout is good for 5 to 1.

2. Outside Bets:

These are bet placed outside the number field, it gives wider chances, largely reduced risk but consequently, with a lower payout when won.

Dozen Bet

This allows a gamer to bet on 12 numbers per spin, the winning payout is 2 to 1.

Bet on Color

This bet type allows a gamer to place a bet on all the numbers of either red colour or black colour. With a winning payout of 1 to 1, this is the basic Roulette bet for newbies cutting out risk.

Bet on Low/High

This allows betting on either all the low numbers (1-18) or the high number (19-36). This is certainly another basic Roulette bet type with 1 to 1 win payout.

Bet on odd/even

This one allows a gamer to bid on either all the odd numbers or all the even numbers with a possible win payout of 1 to 1.

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