October 13, 2020

Online Roulette: Anti-Martingale Strategy

Leticia "Letty" Santos
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Anti-Martingale Roulette Winning Strategy

This strategy, otherwise known as Reversed Martingale or Paroli is one of the oldest techniques in playing the game of Roulette, a respected betting strategy used by the gamer. The Anti-Martingale Strategy has been in use since the 16th Century in Italy; however, this strategy is made popular through the game of Basset. In addition to the Roulette casino game, other online casino games with the 50% probability of winning, like Sic Bo, Craps or Blackjack, are now taking advantage of this strategy. This has been a key secret to winning online roulette these days.

Online Roulette: Anti-Martingale Strategy

The Anti-Martingale Strategy - The Tact

The Anti-Martingale Strategy asserts that a gamer maintains a progressive betting pattern following every win. This strategy advises you to double your bet after a previous win in your next bet. This opposes the Martingale strategy where you follow any previous loss with a wager for the next bet being a double of the amount just lost.

Anti-Martingale Best Betting Market

Even Bet markets are the most advantageous bets to place this strategy on, with this, gamers are poised to a 50/50 winner chance. These bets are called 'Outside bets.' The Outside bets are normally put on designated areas of the table of a regular roulette table, such areas are the outer perimeter of the roulette table, you will identify them with the following: The Low ~1-18 or the High ~ 19-36, red or black, even or odd.


The theory is that if a player may lose for a while and time after time, the same fate will happen again, except this time, the player may be fortunate to have a long stretch of consecutive wins. So always stake a double of your previous bet on your next bet when you are riding a similar winning streak to build your bankroll back exceedingly. Although Martingale claims that after every loss you double your bet, Anti-Martingale tells you precisely the opposite – that is to say, after each win, you can double your bet. To begin, you must make sure you wager your first bet as least as possible, probably with the minimum table bet and be sure that you play on Even bets market. Double the next bet until a winning surface. Remember, however, that any time you lose a bet you have to reset the system by reverting to the smallest amount you began to wager.


It's a direct contest between a losing strip and a winning strip. Should you be puzzled about how you are going to make the tops? You can see this further breakdown, every loss brings you back to the minimum bet you start with, while you double the bet for every win. You would have lost 4 units if you start with 1 unit in a 4-spin losing streak. But you can end up with sixteen units if you make a sudden winning streak of 4 spins.

Online Roulette: Anti-Martingale Strategy


Winning streak of 16 units - Losing streak of 4 = profit of 12. Indeed, a sequence of wins would allow your bank an enormous increase and thereby accumulate some profits after you must have offset your losses. Nevertheless, remember that the technique still has a bottleneck. It can ruin if you don’t revert to the starting basic starting betting amount.


Every gambling strategy no matter how rosy it is painted has its veracity of risk and that is why players must go with caution even when people like to go hard if they are damn sure of their strategy. Just how a losing streak can occur for long, a winning streak can also go in an elongated sequence. Now imagine running a double bet of your previous win in the next stake. Bottom line, whatever you do know when to quit. Most time, at every point of profit, take a break.

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