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MegapariResponsible Gambling
Bonus offerBonus $1500 + 150 Free Spins
Nr of Slots: 9000+
Payment Options: 35+
Minimum Deposit: 1$
Generous deposit bonus
Nr of Slots: 9000+
Payment Options: 35+
Minimum Deposit: 1$
Generous deposit bonus
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Live Casino

Live Casino

Live Casino is the most popular section at Megapari Casino since gamblers enjoy playing live casino games. You can find different games including baccarat, poker, roulette, blackjack, and jackpots.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack

Players familiar with the game of blackjack know that there is a way to play the game and improve your chances of winning. Once you learn the basic casino strategy, you will minimize the house edge and improve your chances of winning. What is more, if you play the game at a land-based casino and you are regular, the dealer will remind you of the basic strategy if they realize you are about to do something wrong.

What is the live blackjack strategy?

When you learn the basic rules of the game and master the basic blackjack strategy, you will not only improve your chances of winning but also your enjoyment of the game as well.

Generally, the blackjack strategy involves taking the appropriate action at the appropriate time. You will have to decide once you receive your two cards and you see the dealer’s up-card. These are the actions you can take:

· You can stand – This is done when you are happy with the hand you have and you don’t need any more cards.

· You can hit – This is done when you need another card to add to your hand.

· You can split – This is done when you receive two cards of the same value. You can split your cards and play them as two separate hands. You will also have to place another bet equal to your initial bet.

· You can double – This is done when you believe that only one additional card will improve your hand, and you also double your bet.

· You can surrender – You are allowed to surrender your hand before the dealer has completed their hand. You will receive a return of 50% of your initial bet.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette

Playing Live Roulette will allow you to feel the atmosphere of a land-based casino while you are sitting in the comfort of your home, or wherever you are. You will have the roulette table right in front of you and you can chat with the live dealer and the other players in real-time. You have to admit this is much better than playing against a computer. It brings a social element to the whole gaming experience.

You can choose to play one of the many games available at Megapari Casino. If you choose to play American Roulette you are probably looking for a more challenging game for sure. The American wheel has 38 pockets, numbered zero to 36. There is an extra green pocket too with a double zero which adds the extra excitement but also it increases the house edge. You are not restricted to placing bets on single numbers only and instead, you can place bets on groups of numbers, as you wish.

There are mainly two different types of bets, outside bets that are placed on the outside of the table, and inside bets that are placed on the inside of the table. No matter which version of the game you choose these are the outside bets you can place:

· Manque ou Passe – This is just another name for the High/Low bet. Here you bet that the ball will land on a low number, which includes numbers from 1 through 18, or that the ball will land on a high number, which includes numbers from 19 through 36.

· Rouge ou Noir – This is probably one of the most recognized bets in roulette, a bet on the red or black pocket.

· Pair ou Impair – This is another classic bet which includes either all odd or all even numbers. Keep in mind that neither option here includes the zero.

· Dozens – This bet includes three dozen numbers to bet on. In other words, you can place a bet on numbers from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24, and from 25 to 36.

· Columns – This bet includes bets on three columns.

Inside bets, on the other hand, are bets that offer better payouts, but the chances of guessing these bets are way smaller. You can make several different types of bets here as well, and they include the following ones:

· A single bet is a bet on one number. Just pick your lucky number and hope that the ball will land on that exact number. The payout for this bet is the highest and it goes up to 35 to 1.

· A split bet is a bet on two adjacent numbers. You can place this bet when you put the chips on the line that separates these two numbers.

· A street bet is a bet that you place on three numbers. So, you can bet on any single horizontal row of three numbers.

· A corner bet is a bet that you place on four bordering numbers, and if the ball falls on either of those numbers your bet wins.

· Six Line is a bet that is also known as a double street, and it is a bet placed between two horizontal rows of three and covers two street bets.

· Trio bet is only available on tables with a single zero, and the bet is placed on the edge of the zero section.

· Basket bet is available only on tables with double zero and it includes one or both zeros and adjacent numbers for a total of three numbers covered.

· Top Line is a bet that is available on double-zero tables and it covers both zeros and numbers 1 through 3.

If you can't decide on which number to place your bet, then the French version of the game offers you bets that cover a broad spectrum of numbers. So maybe you can go in that direction and see how it works for you. Here are some bets you can place when you play French Roulette:

· Voisins du zéro – This is a bet you place on the ‘neighbors of zero’. This bet consists of 8 numbers on either side of zero. So, to place this bet you will need 9 chips.

· Jeu zéro – This bet is very similar to the above-mentioned bet and it is also known as the 'zero games'. You will need 4 chips to place this bet and it includes the following numbers 12, 35, 3, 26, 32, 15, and zero.

· Le tiers du cylindre – This is a very popular bet in British casinos and it covers a dozen numbers on the opposite side of zero and it is known as ‘third of the wheel’.

· Orphelins – This bet covers 8 numbers and you will need 5 chips to place it.

History of Roulette

Roulette is a game that has been around for a couple of centuries and we have to say that not much has changed. The game was first invented by chance back in the 1600s by the well-known mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal.

The game that we can play today has existed since the late 18th century and has spread to casinos all over the globe. In the beginning, the game had two zeros, but French migrants in Germany introduced a single zero to offer better odds and to compete with their rivals.

Today you can find games both with a single zero and a double zero so you can choose whichever you want to play.