What Are Online Bingo Odds

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Bingo is a game with fixed odds, meaning every bingo card that is purchased by a player has an equal chance of winning. To be more precise, if a player buys 20 bingo cards, all 20 of them have the same odds.

Let’s further look at it with another example, as many players might already know that only one price is offered in online bingo. This means that if a player has bought one card out of 100, then they have only a 1% chance of winning. But if they have bought 10 cards, that will increase their odds of winning, as the bingo odds will rise from 1 to 10%.

If you want to learn more about the bingo odds of winning, keep reading this guide.

What Are Online Bingo Odds

Bingo Odds

Calculating the odds of winning bingo is not that easy. After reading the above, a player might think they just need to buy more, but they aren’t the only ones that will be playing in the room. There would be several other players as well, who would be thinking the same thing. So, how to calculate the odds and increase them?

Let’s see the normal method:

  • Add up everyone who is participating in the room.
  • Divide one by that number.
  • If there are 100 players, then bingo's chances of winning will be 0.01.

This is a pretty unreliable method because a player wouldn't know how many cards a person has bought unless they ask them, which would be hectic. This method will assume everyone will have the same number of tickets, which will not be possible unless everyone buys the maximum number of tickets.

Now this method can be used, but to be more precise, what should a player do? Well, let’s see how to increase the odds, as calculating might be just impossible.

How to Increase Bingo Odds of Winning

As all the cards have an equal chance of winning, a player can increase their chance of winning by buying more cards than everyone else. Just keep in mind that players need to be able to purchase a larger proportion of the available tickets in order to boost their chances of winning a game. So, a game with fewer people online may provide better chances than one with several thousand players, since a player may be able to afford to hold a larger portion of the available cards.

In contrast, if there are just 10 players, and they all purchase the maximum amount of cards, the odds of winning bingo are the same as the field if a player does the same. A player’s chances of winning are smaller than the field if they purchase fewer cards than the maximum, while every other player in the online bingo game purchases the maximum number of cards permitted.

So, it makes logical to focus on both the total number of players participating in the game and the total number of tickets being used for that specific game.

How to Improve the Chances

If a player still thinks the odds of winning bingo can’t be increased, just follow the next steps.

Buy the Best Cards as Much as Possible

Bulk ticket packs are frequently discounted in bingo halls and on a couple of the bigger house websites. See what other players are receiving if multiple types of bingo cards are offered during the same session.

Know How Many Opponents There Are

The odds of winning bingo are higher the smaller the field. If the room is jam-packed to the gills, the enormous bingo prize might not be such excellent value.

Look for Smaller Jackpots and PJPs

Although a smaller jackpot may not provide a player with a victory that will change their lives, it increases their chances of winning significantly. Consider playing several online progressive jackpots (PJPs), particularly ones that have recently been won.

Compare the Field

Get to know more about which online bingo providers have less competition, more expensive tickets, and larger prizes.

Guaranteed Jackpot

The guaranteed jackpot sum is a different aspect to take into account when trying to improve the odds of winning bingo in an online casino. The reward on the player’s investment will rise if the total number of active tickets divided by the average ticket price results in an amount less than the guaranteed prize. More precisely, there is a $50 overlay in the game if the guaranteed payout for the round is $100, but there have only been 50 cards sold at $1 apiece.

In this game, it could make sense to purchase additional tickets in order to boost the chances of winning by holding a larger percentage of the available cards.


Bingo is a game of odds, and the odds of winning bingo differ on how many players are playing in the room. The more players are in the room, the lesser the odds will be. That is why it is ideal to play bingo when the amount of players is not so big.

Moreover, a player should buy the best tickets as much as possible to increase their odds of winning the game. This is the best strategy to use in a bingo game to increase bingo odds. The other methods of dividing aren’t accurate and won’t really help, so it’s better to follow the guide.

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What are bingo odds?

Bingo odds are the probability of winning the game. If there are 100 cards in the game and each player has bought only one, the odds of players winning the prize money is 1%.

What are the odds of free online bingo?

Online bingo is a fixed-odds game, meaning that there is an identical chance of winning for every online bingo card purchased. The odds of free online bingo are based on the number of people playing and how many cards they are buying.

How to increase bingo odds?

Bingo odds can be increased by buying the majority of cards and playing when there are fewer people; if there are more people, the odds will decrease.

How to calculate bingo odds?

Bingo odds can be calculated by dividing one by the number of players present in the room. This method is not exactly reliable, so players can follow the OnlineCasinoRank guide for better understanding.

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