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The whole world has heard about cryptocurrencies. We have been involuntarily following or participating in this trend for years, which has already spread to global industries such as iGaming.

Currently, top Bitcoin casinos attract millions of players, who are fascinated by the variety of games, cryptocurrencies available, and tailor-made bonuses as well.

Our intention on this site is to explain this crypto gambling trend and what the top Bitcoin casino of the year has up its sleeves.

How Do We Rate Crypto Casinos?

How Do We Rate Crypto Casinos?

Since more and more sites are accepting cryptocurrencies, it can become difficult to find the best crypto casinos. Here’s how we find and rate the top crypto casinos on our site:

  • Licensing & Security: The most important point when playing with any currency is security. Therefore, a valid license from a gambling authority is essential, along with SSL encryptions and other measurements.
  • Payment Selection: It's required that a crypto online casino offers several cryptocurrencies, both for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Game Selection: Now it’s time to ensure the game selection is generous and diverse. In this case, it's also essential that there are cryptocurrency-oriented games, which can be, for example, exclusive crypto slots.
  • Bonus Selection: Given the wide selection of casino bonuses, we rate them depending on the bonus variety and their conditions. If the conditions are unfair, the bonus won't appear in our lists.
  • Customer Support: Last but not least, we want a customer support team that is professional, friendly, and willing to help us at any time.
How Do We Rate Crypto Casinos?
Choosing the Best Crypto Casinos

Choosing the Best Crypto Casinos

Rating crypto casinos and choosing the most appropriate one are two different things. We can all have our favorite site, but that's also because we all have different tastes.

What we recommend to our readers is to follow these steps to make it easier to choose the best crypto casinos:

  1. Before jumping blindly into a casino with cryptocurrency, we recommend using our list and recommendations to find the best one.
  2. Once in the crypto casino, players must register and verify an account.
  3. Now players just need to log in to their account, go to the payment section and choose their favorite cryptocurrency to make a deposit.
  4. As soon as the deposit is made, players can play and use the bonuses.

Factors to Consider When Finding the Best Crypto Casino

Apart from these steps, it's also advisable to consider these factors before playing at online crypto casinos:

  • Players need to always be aware of the cryptocurrency rates to avoid unwanted volatility.
  • Crypto casinos mainly offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash as cryptocurrencies.
  • In the best crypto casinos, there are usually also crypto welcome bonuses.
Choosing the Best Crypto Casinos
Safe & Secure While Crypto Gambling

Safe & Secure While Crypto Gambling

Choosing reputable sites that have valid licenses, high and modern security measures, along with an effective customer support team is almost an obligation.

Since a casino crypto currency is usually newer, it's crucial to carefully examine all these points before starting. That is why we suggest choosing a cryptocurrency casino from our list, as they all have the necessary security measures in place.

Safe & Secure While Crypto Gambling
Top Crypto Casino Bonuses Online

Top Crypto Casino Bonuses Online

Again, bonuses are not an obligation. We should see bonuses more as a gift from crypto currency casinos, to play with less risk and more possibilities.

These are the best crypto casino bonuses that we used during our reviews:

  • Welcome Bonus: Online crypto casinos are known for two things, namely offering cryptocurrencies and also possibly crypto welcome bonuses. This is the first offer, which is usually also the most generous.
  • Cashback: The worst thing about gambling is losing. That is why there are cashback bonuses, which return a percentage of the losses to the players.
  • VIP Bonuses: The greater the loyalty of players to a crypto casino, the more benefits they will receive. Several VIP programs offer perks such as no deposit bonuses, cashback, reload bonuses, and even unique gifts such as trips.
Top Crypto Casino Bonuses Online
How to Start Gambling at a Crypto Casino?

How to Start Gambling at a Crypto Casino?

Earlier, we explained registering at the best crypto gambling sites. What we have yet to mention is that before that, players also have to do something: buy cryptocurrencies.

For that, players need to have crypto wallets where to store cryptocurrencies. Fortunately, wallets such as Edge, Coinbase, or Binance are the most recurrent to quickly access the games for real money with the chosen cryptocurrencies.

How to Start Gambling at a Crypto Casino?
How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds

How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds

Since not everyone is familiar with this process, we want to outline the most general steps here:

How to deposit

  1. It is necessary to log into the casino account and go to the payment section.
  2. A list of cryptocurrencies will appear, where players can choose their favorite one.
  3. Now, players need to choose the amount and confirm the transaction.
  4. Once that’s done, it’s time to share the key, allowing the casino to transfer the money to the wallet.

How to withdraw

  1. As with the deposit, the important thing is to have the key at hand and follow the same steps.
  2. Once the amount to be withdrawn has been chosen, the key will be shared with the crypto casino.
  3. The most important thing to complete a withdrawal is that the T&Cs have been respected, along with the bonus conditions.
  4. Withdrawals usually take between 0 and 15 minutes to be completed, depending on the withdrawal conditions of the casino.
How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds
Pros & Cons with Crypto Casinos Online

Pros & Cons with Crypto Casinos Online

So, what are the advantages of crypto gambling and some disadvantages that should always be considered before playing?

What Are Pros of Gambling at Crypto Casinos?

  • Greater diversity of payment methods
  • Higher anonymity and financial security
  • Cryptocurrency bonuses
  • Exclusive games based on cryptocurrencies
  • Faster and safer deposits and withdrawals

What Are Cons of Gambling at Crypto Casinos?

  • The danger of cryptocurrency exchange volatility
  • EU-licensed casinos cannot offer cryptocurrencies
Pros & Cons with Crypto Casinos Online


Everything you need to know about casinos

**What is a crypto casino?**

A crypto casino is a gambling site that offers, among its payment methods, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others for deposits and withdrawals.

**Are crypto gambling legal?**

If a gambling authority licenses the online crypto casino, it is absolutely legal to use cryptocurrencies.

**Where do crypto casinos get their licenses?**

Crypto casinos cannot be licensed in the EU, so they are usually casinos licensed by Curacao eGaming or other gambling authorities.

**How can I find legit crypto casinos?**

The best way to find the best crypto casinos is to consult our list and reviews since we evaluate each crypto casino professionally and unbiasedly.

**What games do crypto casinos offer?**

Typically, crypto casinos offer thousands of games, including slots, table games, live dealer games, and many others from top software providers.

**Is it safe to play at a crypto casino?**

Playing at a crypto casino can be as safe as any other gambling site. The important thing is that the crypto casino is licensed and employs the necessary security measures.

**What are the fees associated with using a crypto casino?**

Normally there are usually no fees when depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrencies. The only thing that can happen is that the crypto casino may ask for a fee or tip the miners.

**How to know if a casino is Provably Fair?**

Players must look under the games to ensure that a crypto casino employs the Provably Fair mechanism, usually for a seed. This is the sign that the casino uses Provably Fair and that the games are not rigged.