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Casino Cruise offers some of the best games in its portfolio. When they created the casino they went for quality instead of quantity. And, for that reason, they have partnered with some of the best software providers in the industry to bring the best casino experience to their players.

Game Buttons

As we said before, the game is very intuitive and you will learn how it works in no time. But if you are a complete beginner we will help you with the software:

Spin Button – This button will start your game session.

Stop Button – This button is used only when you want to stop any AutoPlay session.

Bet Max Button – This button will help you place the maximum amount allowed.

Common Terms

Bonus – This is a special feature of a game that is triggered when special symbols appear on an active payline. The bonuses may vary from game to game. Some games offer free spins, others offer some mini bonus rounds. Either way, when you trigger the special feature the winnings are much higher than in the regular play.

Carousel – This is a term that is used for land-based casinos. This is when the slot machines are grouped in a circle or oval formation.

Credit Meter – This is a LED display that shows the amount of money or credits you currently have.

Drop Bucket / Drop Box – This is a container in a slot machine where all the excess coins are diverted.

Payline- This is a line that crosses through one symbol on each reel. Online slots start with as little as one payline and others can even have 100 paylines.

What everyone is wondering now is what draws people to playing slots? They have changed tons since the beginning but they have stayed the same in one aspect, and that is they offer simple to play and lots of fun. You don't have to stress-over rules and learn complicated strategies, you just need to play your favorite game and relax. Since you don’t have to put any deep thought into playing, many table card players can turn to the slot to relax a bit from all those complex rules.

What is more, at Casino Cruise, you can play online slots for free. This way you get the experience as if you were playing for real money. You can still trigger the bonus features and see how the symbols pay. Even the games in free mode are run by a Random Number Generator which means the outcome of the game can't be influenced in any way possible. This busts all the myths that casinos make it appear that you will win more when you play for free rather than when you are playing for real money.

On top of that all, Casino Cruise offers a regular no-deposit bonus to both their new players and to their loyal players. This is a great way to explore what the casino has to offer or to see how a game works and all for free. Keep in mind that these kinds of bonuses often come with wagering requirements that you have to meet before you would be able to withdraw your winnings.


Slot machines were invented back in 1891 when Sittman and Pitt developed a gambling machine that is believed to be the first slot ever. In the beginning, there were no payout mechanisms so the prizes were beer or cigars. Things have changed drastically since then, and now you can find many different slot games to play. They offer such diversity that you can't find it in any other game type.

Before we talk about how to play online slots, we want to point out a few things that you need to remember first:

· Keep an eye on your budget. If your budget is limited then you should choose lower denomination machines.

· Get acquainted with the game first. The good news is that you can play online video slot games for free at Casino Cruise before you feel comfortable to play for real money.

· Forget the myths that revolve around video slot games. For instance, there are no loose or tight machines. They all work on a Random Number Generator, which means there is nothing you can do to alter the outcome of the round.

· Always take advantage of promotions, they are a good way to boost your balance and play more games than usual.

How to play slots?

Playing online slots is very simple. The software is very intuitive and so you will get a hang of it in no time. The good thing is that at Casino Cruise you can play the games for free before you play for real money. This way you will learn how the games work and what features and special symbols it has to offer.

There are a couple of things that we want to point out when it comes to the strategy of playing online slots:

Always set a limit – Before you start spinning the reel set a bottom limit and a top limit. This will be a point when to stop and how much you can afford to lose. It is a good idea to set a high limit as well, and stop playing after you have won a certain amount because let's face it, things can go downwards very soon.

Learn the rules of the game – Each game comes with a different set of rules, so you should stay on top of them.

Keep it fun – Gambling is a form of entertainment and you should see it as such. Play the games and enjoy and don’t see gambling as a form of income.


Roulette is a game that has certain sophistication and appeal that attracts most players. And we hope that you will have a chance to play the game at least once in your lifetime in a brick and mortar casino so you can experience the glamour first hand. But on the other hand, there are many benefits to playing the game online.

The first and most important is convenience. You don’t have to dress up and leave your house, and instead, you can play the game in the most comfortable place you find in your house. You won't miss out on anything. Each roulette version that has been invented so far is available at Casino Cruise.

You will save so much money when you play online. Think of all the money you would have spent on food, transport, and drinks if you had to go to a land-based casino. What is more, online casinos tend to offer lower minimum bets, so this way you can gamble for less.

Better Odds and Higher Payouts. You see, online casinos don't have to spend so much money on the location, staff members, or alcohol licenses, so they can afford to give more money to their winners. And with all the online competition, each casino has to offer fantastic bonuses to its players to keep them interested.

Keep Your Peace. When you play online you can place the chips on the table easily without having to fight through the crowds. This way you won’t feel any pressure or stress and you can think through your decision before even placing your bet.

Customize your game. Thanks to the advanced settings you can alter the game in many different ways. You can change the color, the sound and even you can change between different skill levels.


Baccarat is an old card game that stood the test of time. The game was invented 5 centuries ago and it is still hugely popular among players all over the world. Baccarat was first introduced in America in 1959 and at the beginning, it was a game available only to royalty and high-rollers.

Lately, Live Baccarat offers an opportunity for everyone to have a real casino experience.

Rules of Baccarat

Baccarat is a quite simple game to play, and the rules are not that complicated either, at least for the player. Only two hands are dealt with in Baccarat, no matter how many players are there. Both the player and the dealer will receive 2 cards each initially, and there might be a need for a third card. In this game, the third card is not optional, but the player and the banker have to follow a set of predetermined rules. The good news here is that you don't have to know the rules for the banker's hand only for your hand to have successful gameplay.

A winning hand in Baccarat is the one with the total value closest to 3. The cards are valued in the following way, Aces are worth 1, cards from 2 through 9 have their value, and 10s and face cards are valued 0. If a hand totals more than 9, then the right-most digit is the new value of the hand. For instance, if your two initial cards are 8 and 7, the total value of your hand would be 15, but with the rule for baccarat, we remove the ten-digit and the value of your hand is 5.

If you receive a hand with a total value of 8 or 9, this is called a 'natural' hand. You are a winner with this hand unless the dealer has a 'natural' as well so the hand will end in a tie.

If you have a hand that totals 6 or 7 you will not receive a third card. And, if your hand has a total of 5 or less, you will receive a third card.

The rules for the banker are slightly more complex and you need to remember that the player always finishes the round first, and then the banker.

· The banker will stand on a hand with a total value of 7 and higher.

· If the banker has a hand with a total value of 6, they will draw a third card if the player's third card was between 6 and 7.

· If the banker has a hand with a total value of 5, they will draw a third card if the player's third card was between 4 and 7.

· If the banker has a hand with a total value of 4, they will draw a third card if the player's third card was not a 0, 1, 8, or 9.

· If the banker has a hand with a total value of 3, they will draw a third card if the player's third card was not an 8.· If the banker has a hand with a total value of 2, they will draw a third card.


Bingo is a chance-based game that can bring so much fun to anyone who is playing. All you have to do is to match the numbers called out by the Random Number Generator. What attracts most of the players is the fact that this game is very simple to play.

There are different variations of the game and it comes in 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, and 90 ball bingo. Each variant has slightly different rules but in general, it is nothing complicated. You have to complete winning patterns on your card. Nowadays, the games take place at a rapid pace, not like it was before when Bingo was played in some hall or a Bingo Room.

One of the most popular variants of Bingo is the 90-ball bingo game. The game contains numbers from 1 through 90 on a 9 x 3 bingo card. Each row on the card contains 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces, and if you complete 1 row you win a prize. The highest prize is won when you complete 3 rows. The game is a bit slow-paced because it takes time to form winning combinations.

There is nothing you can do when it comes to the strategy of playing Bingo games, but still, there are certain things you can keep in mind to have a successful session:

· Choose the game that has more preferable odds.

· Keep in mind that when you choose lower-priced bingo cards more players will be participating in the game and that will drastically lower your chances of winning. So it might be better to choose the price of your bingo card more carefully next time when you play the game.· Choose to play bingo when there are fewer players for example early in the morning or during the day when everyone is usually at work.


Blackjack is a game that is well known for its low house edge. That is one of the main reasons why this game is so popular. You can lower the house edge if you know the rules of the game and if you employ the right strategy:

· Dealer Hits or Stands on Soft 17 – In most variations of Blackjack the dealer has to stand on soft 17. This is a hand that has an Ace with a value of 11, and this lowers the house edge by 0.4%. On the other hand, there are games where the dealer has to hit on soft 17 and with that move, the dealer increases the house edge to 0.62%. Some players believe that this is not something drastic, but imagine you hit a losing streak, then you will see the difference.

· Splitting and Resplitting Pairs – If you know exactly when to split and re-split pairs, you can make your weak hand turn into a strong one. For example, if you have a pair of eights against the dealer's up-card of six you are more likely to lose. But, if you split those pairs you will have more chances of beating the dealer.

· The Number of Decks – Most games use between 6 and 8 decks, and the fewer decks the game uses, the higher the chances of hitting blackjack are.


Video Poker is a game that is taking the online world like a storm. The game is a combination of online video slot games and poker, a great combination we have to admit. What is more, now you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to play a game, you only have to log into your account, make a deposit and place a bet.

There are plenty of different variations of video poker available at Casino Cruise, but in general, the gameplay is the same no matter which one you choose. You will get five cards, and you will have to decide which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to discard. The cards that you choose to discard will be replaced with new ones, and hopefully, the new cards will help you create a winning hand. And, since different poker games have different rules, it is a good idea to spend some time going through the rules before you decide to play. After all, you don’t want to turn your experience into a pricey one.

At Casino Cruise, you can play video poker games for free. The casino will award you with virtual money you can use to learn the rules of the game and at the same time to practice your strategy and skills.

Players like to play video poker mainly because they don’t have to play with other players and to improve their poker face. It is just you and the computer, so you won't feel pressured by the opponents in any way when you play online.

And, when it comes to Poker, the card game, it will require more strategic thinking and a good knowledge of how the game works.

Real Money Games

The variety of online games Casino Cruise offers is colossal. The most popular games, just like in any other online casino, are video slot games and here you can place bets on games like Mega Moolah, Jurassic World, Starburst, Guns N Roses, and many more.

Another very popular section at the casino is the Live Dealer Section. You can play these games for real money wagers since free play is not allowed here. Live games are designed in that way to replicate a true gambling experience. You can play roulette, blackjack or baccarat live and engage in the exciting gameplay and hopefully win some great payouts. At this point, you can find more than 70 live dealer games coming from NetEnt, Lucky Streak, and Evolution Gaming, which are one of the best software providers in the online industry.

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